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    Our favorite way to go to Tombstone is via Bisbee. Bisbee in itself is a neat town with quite a history but, on to Tombstone. Back up a minute. Let's start at Benson and Karchner Caverns, go on south to Sierra Vista and Fort Huachucha. They have an excellent museum depicting what life was like when the fort was new. From there take Route 92 to Bisbee then head northwest on Route 80. Drive through hilly land very much as the early settlers saw it. In a little over an hour suddenly, there it is! Sitting on a hill. It looks like a movie set, and sometimes it sort of is but, it is a real town with real people living in it with real jobs. It's been like that since the 1800's.

    A precocious friend of Jacque's family named Vera (the wife of a high school principal) lived there as a little girl probably about 1910. Her father was the school district superintendent there and found his second job was keeping his family away from the rowdies that included cowboys, ranch hands and miners who came to town on paydays. One day one of Vera's friends dared her to sneak out of the house and go to the Birdcage Theater to a talent contest. Vera was always up to a dare and not only did she go, she sang in the contest. Not only did she sing, she won. We never did know what happened when her father read about it the next day in the paper, but the Bird Cage Theater has always seemed a bit more special than the other buildings in Tombstone because of that story.

    The buildings in Tombstone have been kept true to the style of its heyday when silver was mined. In some places mines are actually under the town itself and one or two even have openings in the buildings under which they existed. In February 1881 Tombstone was officially incorporated as a city and Virgil Earp, the brother of former Marshal Wyatt Earp, became the Chief of Police on July 4th. The now famous Gunfight at the OK Corral took place on October 26th of that same year, killing Tom McLowery, Frank McLowery and Billy Clanton.

    Walk around the town, and take a look at the OK Corral, stop by the Bird Cage Theater for a saspirilla then on your way out of town, stop by Boot Hill and wander through the graveyard. Interesting markers that tell of hard times and harder people. The story of the Chinese who lived there is better told another time but is a most interesting study.

    The Great Depression, two major fires and flooding would have wiped out a less strong community but not Tombstone. They just picked up, rebuilt and kept going. The tourist industry gained strength and Tombstone has proved once again that it the town too tough to die.


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